Work sample

Clipping background to use Pen tool

How to do clipping background using pen tool ?

Pen tool is used without quality loss to cut out the background of the images :

To use the pen tool you can select it from the left side bar or press “P” on the keyboard. At first, open an image and fix up a specific point from where you will start to draw the outline of the image.

Clipping path

While cutting the background of a photo, you can zoom in and zoom out the images by pressing “ctrl +” or “ctrl –” from the keyboard. To finish the outline completely, you must connect the last point with the first point. After selecting press “Q” from keyboard to check path error.

Quick mask

After selecting the whole outline do inverse (shift +ctrl+I), press the delete key from the keyboard to delete the background.

Transparent background

For drawing a straightforward line just click upon the sphere in which you want to make your point. Again, to create a curve line simply hold the left button the mouse and drag it to the direction you want to make the curve. After the curve is made properly, release the button. As we all know that regular practice makes a man perfect. So the more you spend time on using this very tool the more you will be skilled in it.